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"Someone in my office is always talking about the 'best' foods to eat, what to avoid, etc.  You make eating healthy SO easy to understand!"
- Anonymous

Since 1999 Dr. Felicia Stoler has been in private practice in New Jersey.  All dietitians are nutritionists, but all "nutritionists" do not have the same training and credentials.  In 2020, the  NJ legislature finally passed a law about licensure for diet and nutrition professionals (this was 30 years in the making). Dr. Stoler was involved with the licensure bill for 20 years! Unfortunately, most consumers do not know the difference - leading to delayed goal attainment with wasted time and money.  You can be assured that we provide medically sound, safe, reliable and realistic services based on evidence-based research, practice and your individual needs.  


To provide clients with high quality services to meet their goals and objectives while taking into consideration personal preferences, habits and lifestyle.

To help the greater Monmouth Couny area live healthier lives... to show people that the healthy choice IS the easy choice.  We hope to have an impact in the community where we can all embrace a life of health and happiness.

"Diet and exercise are the least expensive, least invasive and most effect way to prevent and treat most diseases." 
-Dr. Felicia Stoler